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Green Product

Going green in our daily lives
Going green nowadays doesnít require a gigantic effort on our part. There are countless ways we can conserve energy.

Here are some green computer tips you can implement  today to make your web surfing and computer usage more ECO friendly.

1. When purchasing a computer or any parts, recycle all the packaging so that that can be recycled to produce other goods.

2. Try purchasing a laptop rather than a desk top as this may use less energy, but check brands first. Also check quality and see if you can go for a longer lasting computer.

3. When using your computer during the day, try to place your computer either in hibernation mode if you are gone for a few minutes or shut it down. If it takes too long to shut down and reboot every time you use it then we recommend an internet cut off switch. This will stop the computer from polling the web when your not using it, preventing it from hibernating properly and wasting network bandwidth that could be applied to other computers on your network. Not to mention that less exposure to the web will give you less computer problems and that saves money!
4. At night or if out for long hours switch off all appliances from the mains as the Peripherals are like vampires and suck energy out and you have to pay more! Peripheral shut down/ switch off is VERY IMPORTANT in energy conservation at home or in the office.

5. Donít print anything off unless you really have to. Use files and forward through attachments if need be. This saves boat loads of paper and you are saving trees too!

6. Recycle any old parts of your computer that you donít need, including your old computer! Donít just chuck in the dust bin. These parts can be re used and recycled.

7.  Donít waste internet exposure. Your browser constantly polls the internet even if your not using it. This slows down network resources causing computers on your network to run slower than they should. Get an Internet Cut Off Switch and use it everytime you leave your computer!


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